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TOPIC: Swinging with HSV
Created by: hollygolightly7072
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Hello there. My man and I each have HSV...he has HSV2 and I have HSV1. We met through a local support group in the metro Detroit area. We are very much in love and have a great thing going. We do like to play with others. We fully disclose on our profile so there is no misleading. When we do go to group parties in the area, we fully disclose to anyone who is interested in person. We had it bite us in the ass once because they didn't remember, but anyway... I realize that most of you out there have a stigma about us and think we have no business participating in the lifestyle. That's a shame. We have had great success with our own house parties, herpes or not. Have found many people who are cool with it.

We each have only had one out break since we were diagnosed. Over 3 years for him and almost 2 for me. And at our parties we do have others with H in attendance, but the non H folks who have contacted us from here are aware of that and we strongly insist upon condom use and safe practices for all. I have started a local swingers with HSV group in the Metro Detroit area and I wanted to share that with everyone.

Here's the info:

Name of the group is: Metro Detroit H Swingers

Would like to start building members and building up our own community. H friendly people (and there are a lot of them who don't have it but don't freak out about it either) are always welcome to join and participate.

Thanks for letting me share this with you all.


Novi MI
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TOPIC: Swinging with HSV