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TOPIC: Period!
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Hi y'all! Hope someone can give me a tip on this:

We are headed to a house party on Saturday and I just got my period. We are kinda new and haven't dealt with this before. What is the right way to proceed? We are still going, and hubby has the thumbs up from me to have as much fun as he likes. :)

For my part, I love to be oral and if there are guys interested in receiving .... well, I'm interested in giving. :) But it's going to be weird, a little, to have to be "off-limits" and I'm not even sure how I make that clear to people without being a total buzzkill.

Anyone managed this - or seen it managed - in a way that stayed fun and classy and possibly somewhat sexy? Thanks for any wise words. :)

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Richmond VA
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TOPIC: Period!