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TOPIC: Let me steal him for a minute
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We met up with another couple that we both really liked and have played with quite a bit . No issue with that at all. The problem is the female of the other couple doesn't seem to want to let my own partner have ANY play time with me ( the male ) . We came over for a play date ( not the first time by any means) , she asked me to go off into another room with her which I did and we played . Afterwards , we go back into the common room to have a cigarette and a drink . I go over to my partner and affectionately kiss her , she had dolled up and looked positively stunning! The female of the other couple grabs me again and off we go to another room again , no problem there . After this happens several times( and yes , both of us had orgasmed each time ) I started playing with my partner again and the woman practically tore me off of her , and started playing with me right in front of my partner. After this went on a couple of more times , I stated I was spent and needed a few to "recharge my batteries" when she grabbed me AGAIN.She also said some things I felt were very inappropriate as I have no interest in any kind of emotional aspect other than with MY partner (Tiger). By the time the evening was over , I was rather sore and hurting in my groin area as I am not a robot . I talked with my girl after we got home and not really sure if we want to go over again and endure another round of this , I feel like we should say something in a tactful manner but we are afraid of hurting their feelings or even worse , causing an argument between them and being the villains. Should we just stop messing with them and chalk this up as a failure or try to talk to her and let her know we are not comfortable with this ? We do really like them as friends . She told us she left her husband for her current fella but something like that will NOT happen with me . They told us they enjoy 1 on 1 while we like different experiences with different couples.Tiger is not just my lover , she is my best friend and has done many great things for me , i would never consider being with anyone else and we do plan on getting married next year , she means that much to me and she knows that. We do enjoy the lifestyle & our wild side but it stops at SEX , not love. It almost seems like it deteriorates a little more each time. We told them our vehicle is broke down and we are not mobile until we can make a decision on the most tactful way to deal with this . There is some truth to this so not exactly fibbing , just not saying everything.Help!

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TOPIC: Let me steal him for a minute