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Sandra takes maybe 2 minutes but then she will have them over and over for hours. Even after the partner is done. The word everyone uses is WOW.

Sparta TN
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It all depends on many things for Lady Classic, If its late, or she has had a few beers, oday, it might take longer,

If she is turned on by maybe a dirty movie, a nice carress on the thigh, Not long at all.

Mostly though, if I sense she is close, I slow down what I am doing. Teasing not only prolongs her Orgasm, but intensifies it like nothing else

White Haven PA
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Reminds me of the one question that stumped most of us in our youth.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

The world may never know.


New Orleans LA
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Mrs. CT can achieve orgasm in about 30 seconds if she touches her clit hood piercing just right.

Hebron CT
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The time it takes has varied quite a bit and the reasons will too. I knew one lady that never in her life had one and even with all my best moves and paying attention to her body still couldn't- even after an hour straight of going down. Intercourse didn't do it for her either. She was the exception.

However, the vast majority have and have had great ones. Most were in the 15 to 20 minute range, however, there have been a few who came within 5 minutes and were tapping out so to speak within 15 minutes. Some others made it to the 30 to 35 minute mark before having a really good one.

The types of orgasms varied a lot too. Some have smaller, rapid fire type ones that are harder to detect. Other women have slower, deeper rolling ones that have come in waves. You really have to pay attention to her movements, her muscle contractions, facial expressions, and more and make little adjustments along the way - giving her more of what's working and less of what isn't.

It's a lot of fun to give a woman a good one and even better when she's aware of the difference between a clitoral orgasm and a vaginal one.. and wants them both one after the other. Those times have been extremely satisfying for me (the husband) because she's left in a happy, sweaty heap, with a silly smile- and you get an invite for a repeat performance ;-)

That having been written, I have noticed another thing- there doesn't have to be a rush to get there. There have been a few times where the Mrs of the other couple and I were so hot we jumped each other's bones and were both finished within 40 minutes. It was a little awkward having my Mrs. and the other husband still going for another 20 to 40 minutes past us. We didn't know whether to stay, leave them to their playing, or what. My new thinking is don't rush it- fully enjoy the time you have because there's no guarantee it will come again.

Bensalem PA
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I found the exact same thing. Vibrators take more than they give.

No human can compete with a humming machine.

I refuse to use them. I either come or I don't. It a combination of factors.

My main wish? Men would not insist on producing an orgasm. Having fun is the goal.

Mischief<----no C batteries in her night stand

Glen Burnie MD
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I never realized the stats for a woman to reach orgasm were so dismal! I used to have a lot of trouble reaching one, then I got the hood of my clit peirced and now reach orgasm almost every time I have sex, and most of the time it's multi-orgasmic. I reccommend it if you'd like to increase your orgasms and sensitivity. I also found that when I used a vibrator a lot it made it more difficult for me to cum during sex (course I was also using one several times a, so I cut way down on that. Has anyone else noticed a drop in orgasms after using a vibrator? I wonder if we get desensitsed (sp?) from using one.

Denham Springs LA
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Each lady will be totally different and exciting how you bring along the differences and excitment is the key What we have seen while swinging the past 7 years with the women and men,depending on where (place) determines how quickly one can acheive orgasm.We get into a groove where its almost mechanical in how we preform sex.This to us is critical, not to get caught up into routines while having sex! As examples, in the bedroom , its much different, not as fast to have an orgasm as it is on the hood of a car , kitchen counter, or any other daring creative place.Its the different and daring along with how creative you can be. You become so set in your ways that the only sex some people will have will be in a bed or on the couch or floor, to be in a different setting can create an excitement all by itself. How much flirting, how you touch or how you are touched,kissing,caressing more importantly what you say and how you treat who you are with are also great wonders of excitement. To us we have whats called standard sex, which is the norm more then the exception such as bed sex,floor sex,couch sex,legs typically in the air thrusting and busting, on all fours,missionary position.BUT when we do have a chance for creative daring out of the normal sex its unstopable,unpredictable totally erotic in both mind and physically enhancing.

Sarasota FL
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Mrs. Valovers is one of those women who typically only has orgasms about 30% of the time, and at best not more than 50% of the time over the course of a few months. Mostly it depends on how fatigued she is and how much job stress she's been handling. Both of those come & go, and so there's no way to really predict whether she is likely to have an orgasm or not.

Lots of flirting, kissing, and foreplay prior to intercourse really increases her odds (think PATIENCE!). It gets that fatigue and stress off her mind and replaces it with pleasure and excitement. That won't happen without extended flirting, kissing and foreplay.

Also, she seems to need more time in slow, rhythmic thrusting than most men are capable of delivering. She needs a man with enough control or stamina to hold on until she gets there. Doesn't happen often.

Once her G-spot gets adequately stimulated, however, it seems to STAY aroused for a while. So the joke in our party crowd is that with Mrs. Valovers, "the first guy gets her warmed up and the next guy gets all the glory!" There may be something to that. She's had the most fun and was most successful at achieving orgasms at parties where she was with more than just one or two men during the course of the party.

NOTE: She HATES being asked "Do you like this?" "What do you want me to do?", etc. For one thing, she isn't into swinging to have every guy do exactly what I do at home with her. Part of the fun is experiencing the differences in styles of love-making that comes with having more than one sex partner. If she DOESN'T like what you're doing, she'll let you know as tactfully as possible.

So don't worry so much about it! Just try to learn to read body language and non-verbal "sounds" so you can tell what is pleasing her and what may not be. Don't barrage a woman with a list of questions. Do things your own way, while always being alert to the signals you'll receive that let you know if you're on the right track or not.

And, once more, orgasm is NOT a requirement for a thoroughly enjoyable sexual experience, and many women may not ever have an orgasm with a man the first time or two or even three that they are together. Don't be so orgasm-focused. I've had women tell me that one of the worst things is to be with a man who thinks he just has to keep on going and going and going and is determined to keep on until the woman comes - when by now she knows full well it isn't going to happen and wishes the guy would just get the hell off her!

Keep the experience a pleasant one, and don't turn it into an ordeal. If a woman isn't going to have an orgasm this time, be graceful about it and just let her know how much you've enjoyed her and that you hope to have more such wonderful times in the future.

And give her a big hug and a kiss!


Culpeper VA
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Not only is each woman different, but one woman can certainly have different response times on any given day, with any given partner. Sometimes takes just minutes, sometimes much longer...

Clovis CA
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TOPIC: How long does it take for a woman to have an orgasm
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