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TOPIC: How_does_a_single_male_swinger_meet_couples_looking_for_a_MFM_encounter
Created by: montymoe The original post for this thread was deleted.
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Well, being a couple that has open the door to a few solo men, here are a few reasons we shut the door on them.

Pooly written profile, or photos that give us no idea other than your level of endowment. OK. If your over 6", we're cool, just tell us that. We don't need to see it, they all look about the same.

Not responding to invitations. We invited one solo male to meet us, he never wrote back after expressing great interest. Later he wrote us that he had missed or email. So, we tried again and invited him for a meeting date. He never wrote back. He is now blocked. He's done.

Bragging or acting like you are better than anyone else. Long lasting is not always the best atribute. Hours? Hmm. No, not every exciting. After a while, she's tired and ready to go along to something else.

Be nice. One man we met was just rude during our initial meeting.. he didn't make the cut.

If you are polite, clean and respectful, you can have fun. Go the other way.. well...

Brown Deer WI
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It is very easy.You need to look for couple where wife is young and willing,while husband is old and....poor.

Philadelphia PA
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I am lucky enough to have friends who can invite me as their guest and have been to a few meet & greets. I have made some more friends there, but have not been intimate with anyone as a result of attending a M & G.

I do send letters and the majority of them are never opened, but I have met with several nice couples through writing to them.

When you write you should always be respectful and respectable. There is a fine line between enough info and to much info. I tend to be long winded and that is not always good, but some people want to know everything about you before they will trust you. I don't blame them. All they need is one real jerk and they can have a handful of problems.

As to single woman- well I have heard of single guys meeting them here, but I can offer no help. I have never met a single lady on line.

Collegeville PA
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Do you want to know how I got started? A guy who liked the way I looked, talked, and handled myself invited me to a gang bang. I performed, everyone was impressed, and they told their friends. Since then, women and couples come to me, and I am always on the list for house and hotel parties. In fact, couples contact me when they want a house party at their home because I have more credibility than most couples in the area. Frankly, I cannot think of one steady swing friend that I met by approaching them-they all contacted me.

MORAL: Walk the walk and they will come to you. (I also strongly recommend that you read my thread entitled "Sorry, she's not my type". If you want to be a stud male, you must have the posture described therein). Good luck to you.

Memphis TN
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Wow! I think ohio1337cpl hit the nail squarely on the head!!! I don't think you will ever get better advice than that, other than perhaps to add "Patience is a virtue."


Culpeper VA
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The bane of all swinging couples, single men. = )

If I were a single guy interested in swinging, I'd simply put myself a decent add on SLS, provide good clear pictures, and just wait for them to find me. Sit back, relax and if they need you or want you they will come.

Otherwise, if I had the balls I'd go to a swing club and quietly respectfully just hang out and see if anyone needs you.

Bottom line, being a single guy from a couples position is let them find you, don't interject yourself apon them and hope for the best.

good luck to you man.

Austintown OH
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TOPIC: How does a single male swinger meet couples looking for a MFM encounter
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