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TOPIC: House_Parties
Created by: kinddraggon The original post for this thread was deleted.
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I have now hosted a number of house parties and they have evolved along with the guest list but here are the basics from day one.

The main floor, living room, dining room and kitchen are "no-play" zones where people can mingle and socialize and that is, of course, where the food is.

The upstairs has two play rooms, one open to group play (and has restraints on the bed) the other more private for more intimate play.

The basement has air mattresses, a swing and some other chairs and encourages group play. Then there is the hot tub and, in the summer, the pool area.

My parties average about 25-30 people and everyone seems to find their comfort zone.

Your best bet is to ask the host to describe a typical party.

New Orleans LA
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The bigger the party is, the less pressure you will feel to play. If there are 12 people at the party and 10 are playing, the other two will feel very awkward. If there are 50 people at the party nobody will notice.

Only the smallest parties are "one room only."

In my opinion, it is NOT all right for the male half of a couple to run off and play at a party while his partner does not play at all. I make this an explicit rule at my own parties. Nobody is ever required to do anything, but either both play or neither play. However, there is a total double standard: it's fine if the woman plays and the man doesn't.

Springfield VA
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we have been to several house parties and had a great time at all of them. Every one we went to there was no expectations and areas for socialization without playtime...

hopefully you find similar experiences... and as always... just because one half plays doesnt mean both halves are playing

Lancaster OH
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Bathrooms, bathrooms, bathrooms! The room setup is important, but the worst party we ever attended had the potential to be the best. Bathrooms ruined it.

5000 sq. ft home. 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms. 300 + people. Problem: every bathroom save one, was located in a bedroom and set up as a bed & bath suite. Beautiful... until around midnight when all the shy people locked the bedroom doors for play, leaving the other 275 or so with ONE bathroom!

One simple change would have saved the night from disaster. If a room is designated for open play, take the door off the hinges and put it in the garage. Some people will close a door for play no matter how many signs you put up. This would have left us five bathrooms and everyone would have had a great night.

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I'm pretty inexperienced too, but the few house parties I've attended (as a single guy) weren't that organized. People kind of went with the flow and either chose to join in or just socialize. It may have to do with the size of the gathering--I've only been to parties with small numbers of guests-and from my experience, we were either free to engage in some group play or play one-on-one. In my case, I tended to play the voyeur and enjoyed the show before getting involved.

Tempe AZ
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Ditto on YLM's post. Parties expecting everyone to play are usually explicit in stating so (or they should be) and usually invite only people they know will fit in with such an event.

Most house parties are pretty casual, and although (usually) anything may go on anywhere, some rooms are to remain "door open" and some are "close the door if you like". I've never seen a high-pressure house party.

Windermere FL
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I would not say 'most' from my experiences. I'd say maybe 50/50. A lot of venues I've seen have 2 types of play rooms.

1. An open group room that promotes group play and a level of voyeurism.

2. Separate/smaller rooms that have the option to close a door for private play. These same rooms can be used for open play if the door is left open.

Of course there is a social area for socializing.

Emeryville CA
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Pretty much sums it up. Ditto post below.

Houston TX
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The best house parties have four (4) rooms: 1. A social room for people to mingle and flirt, 2. A Tame room for people who want Tame play, 3. A Moderate room for people who want Moderate play, and 4. A Wild Room for people who want Wild play. If you don't want to play, stay in the social room and enjoy the sounds in the rest of the house. If you want to play, you will instinctively drift to the playroom that matches your speed.

Memphis TN
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TOPIC: House Parties
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