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TOPIC: Here's not how to do it
Created by: RandyGuynGal4
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"hey give me a call at NUMBER DELETED FOR HIS PRIVACY, HIS NAME....... I want to cummm and play hope to talk soon i can play and stay hard for a long session give me a call if this is what you want."

The profile is practically blank, and is one of those that you look at and wonder, well, how did that get approved...

Our reply:

Dude, this just isn't going to happen. You have an incomplete and inaccurate profile, you have no pictures, and you expect to just call us up and come fuck us? Not going to happen, and not just with us. Not with anyone we know in the lifestyle.

You want to get into the lifestyle? Fine, here's what to do:

1) Put some work into your profile. You're a single guy, so dump the married profile (and if you're married and swinging alone, you're a single guy).

2) Put some pictures on your profile. We're not going to be interested in swinging with you without something to get us interested. (We're not talking dick pics. We're talking about a nice smile on a pleasant face first. Then maybe a dick pic...)

3) Ask to meet people first to see if there's any mutual interest, and, IF you're lucky, then...

4) Ask nicely to meet the same couple at a later date, preferably at a hotel room you've gotten. Can't afford a hotel room? Might not be a problem. ASK if they can host.

Do that, and you've got a better chance of getting laid than emailing your phone number to complete strangers with a bad profile and some really unreasonable expectations.

Albany GA
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TOPIC: Here's not how to do it