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TOPIC: Buccaneer Boots and Swinging
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Our daughter visited us and asked her mom if she could wear her Buccaneer Boots for a weekend event. In the past she has accompanied us to the Gasparilla Pirate Festival in costume, and is very familiar with the historic role-play and Krewe of the event.

When Zazel asked Zabrina why she wanted to wear her boots, she answered that she had spoken with a Tampa Hooters patron who invited her to a swinger's orientation party, and she wanted to dress for the occasion in a costume theme that included the Festival.

Our daughter is very fit and attractive, and working at Hooters puts her in a place where she is highly visible. We have discouraged her relationship with several guys about whom she has told us she has an interest. We know that we cannot prevent her from having a relationship since she is no longer living with us and has enrolled in a marine biology curriculum at a local college.

She and Zazel are connected as family on Facebook, and Zazel has seen Zabrina's friends list. She decided to tell our daughter about our swinging lifestyle and let her know some of what swinging involves.

We thought that Zabrina was unaware of swinging possibilities, but know that our culture is highly swinger-oriented and promoted, and realize we cannot prevent her from being curious and accepting the invitation to swinger's orientation.

I would like to be involved in deciding who Zabrina meets, and if she should swing with him/her/them. Am I wrong? What would you do in a situation like this?

~~Captain Z~~

Treasure Is FL
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TOPIC: Buccaneer Boots and Swinging