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I have seen this term used on more than one occasion...and I believe it is beginning to suit our situation. "Bi-Comfortable" . When we signed up almost a year ago, I considered myself "curious". I had never done it..and seen it obviously in porn..looked fun...turned me on... sounded fun! I can appreciate a beautiful woman. I can point them out to my husband. BUT when it came down to actually being given the opportunity to preform oral sex on another woman...I couldn't do it. I had no problem with(and enjoyed) the kissing and the touching...but I have since discovered the oral is not for me. I'm no longer curious...I've been given the opportunity and passed. So what does that make me? Straight right? or Bi-comfortable? Well there is no option for bi-comfortable and bi curious on this sight seems to reflect in a number of cases people who can not admit they are BI. Any advice? If I continue to 'advertise' myself as straight I loose out on opportunities with a number of couples. But I do not want to false advertise.

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