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TOPIC: swapping Vs Swingging
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OK we are a couple who has been in the swing life style for 6+ yrs, we met in the life style have been with many couples over the yrs and many house parties , meet and greets, what ever there called we like to go and have fun, not always having sex with people from the events. Now the question, we have always thought that "SWINGING" meant that we have sex with other people who we are not married to, and as a married couple we do full swap sex ( i say full swap cause thats what we do we dont do soft swap) with other couples, or singles male and single female that were together or others at a swing house party or club. Now we have been told that swinging is not that, we have been told there is a difference, that full swapping is NOT swinging,swinging is when your at a club or house party and having sex with who ever when ever, so i am confused. Is not swinging just merely the act of having sex with some one besides your hubby, wife, lover, friend?

Hamilton MI
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TOPIC: swapping Vs Swingging