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TOPIC: Success at Soft Swing
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Hi Folks, we are soft swingers; just short of full swap... that is if we all hit it off. We think that after you sort out the fakers on this site and the fullswappers and the folks looking for the more kinky stuff, there are only so many in those inbetween catagories such as 'Tame' and 'Moderate.' Yet we have had some great times.

Reading in the various forums, it seems many couples have trouble hooking up where all four have a great time when that time involves full swap. We have done our soft-swap activities with couples who are mostly looking for full swap. So, some have been willing to 'work-down' a level with us. We are always honest about our level. And we never promise to play. We still have to all click.

We do find that we have to filter through a lot of folks on here to find the right ones. But we have had good success at it. Having a limit of soft-swap takes some of the pressure off in terms of expectantions and obviously the 'depth' of involvement. (Pun intended.)

Maybe one day we will move up but right now this level works well for us. Let's hear from the rest of you soft-swappers.

XOXO or SLS (SuckLickSuck) (LOL) JackMichelle

Greenville SC
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TOPIC: Success at Soft Swing