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TOPIC: So sick of the BS
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There needs to be a version of this site for soft swappers only. We keep running into people that say they're ok doing what we're into but they always flake out saying they're not. It's getting old.

Most people here are full swap. The overall mentality is "why should we play at a lesser level when we can get the real thing whenever we want?".

There's really no point in talking about it because the number of people into soft swap is so small here. Even in the soft swap forum we're probably going to get flamed by full swappers saying we suck.

If you're not ok with soft swap, take the "tame" and "moderate" off of your profile and stop getting soft swappers hopes up.

Where are the real soft swappers? Is anyone aware of a network of them here on the site? We'll drive for the right people. Given the low numbers of people we've been finding who are cool with what we're into, we'll drive a long way for the right people... we just need to find them.

Bartlett TN
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TOPIC: So sick of the BS