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I am posting this message to this particular forum, because in this forum we have spent a lot of time talking about soft vs. full swap, all the different meanings of soft swap, etc etc etc.

So, I came across a profile today, its a couple, and they explicitly state that they are looking for "single females to play with". They also state later in the profile that they have NO interest in couples or single men and don't want to talk to them.

Then, also in this same profile, they refer to themselves as a FULL SWAP couple. Swapping with who? That's what I want to know! I mean, I guess I know what they are driving at....they want full penetration with their desired single female companions. But, to me, the word "swap" needs to come out when the 4th "swappee" is gone, dontyathink?

Oh well, I just thought it was funny and I would share it with the readers here. I've changed the verbage and been very non-specific to avoid hurting anyone's feelings - because I'm not about attacking someone. I just thought you'd appreciate it, after all our many discussions here about how we "define" ourselves.

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TOPIC: Ok - - - now I've seen it all (re: how couples define themselves)