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We had been seeing a couple who was only in it for F/F fun...we love them and enjoyed our time together as lovers and friends, but clearly were not satisfied comepletely without my husband being involved.

We began talking to a couple who sounded perfect for what we were looking for so we went out to meet them...during this time the F of the first couple became completely jealous over the fact that we met this new couple and didn't tell them about it. When in truth I don't believe there is an obligation to tell who we were meeting. I def would tell them after the fact especially if they ask, for safety concerns. But my thinking is that I wouldn't want to know if they were out meeting someone that isn't us....SO SHE GOT SO JEALOUS THAT THEY CHANGED THEIR SLS NAME (as if we wouldn't realize it and recongnize them still).

My question is, who is at fault here? Did we do something wrong to meet another couple?

AND should we have told them before hand?

IF YOU"RE IN FRIENDSHIP-BASED SWINGING RELATIONSHIPS do you tell the other person/couple when you are meeting up with someone else?

Like I said, I am okay with the whole thing....just a little mad at the moment. (On the bright side, the new couple is perfect:-) ) THANKS GUYS!

Rochester NY
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