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FORUMS General Discussions Soft Swinger Is Oral Sex better when It's Shaved?
TOPIC: Is Oral Sex better when It's Shaved?
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I don't have that much hair as it is, and keep it trimmed a little. I shower several times while at a club, too. I like the feeling of being just washed. As for a shaved male, I think there is some merit to it if the shaft itself has an abundance of hair. Having hair is natural. Shaving it off can be "itchy" for certain people, so they should only trim. I was with only one man who had just way too much hair for me to find performing oral sex to be fun. The shaft should definitely NOT be hairy.

Thanks for letting a relatively new swinger chime in.

Hugs and Soft Kisses, KMS

York PA
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We've both kept ourselves completely shaved for quite some time now. We really enjoy the smoooooth feeling. I started out by using a depilatory cream, kind of like Nair, but for more sensitive skin. It seemed to work pretty well, but sometimes it didn't get all the hair off. I finally bit the bullet, and started shaving myself with a regular razor. I like the Mach 3, but I suppose any razor would work. The new ones work much better, and don't give you quite as much razor burn. I also got one of those small "personal trimmers" that you see advertised everywhere. It really helps to clean up some of the areas before you start to shave.

Ms Smoothmoves likes to have me shave her, using soap and water, then she puts on some cream to make sure she gets everything off.

We've found that the sensations are much better without all the hair in the way. I've met several ladies who didn't shave, and I have to admit that the enjoyment just wasn't there as much as with a smooth pussy. Besides, I hate finding hair in my food.

We have some friends who use wax, on each other, but we couldn't even imagine going through all that pain. I suppose it would be great fun to find a salon that specializes in pubic area trims. But until we find one, we'll just have to keep doing each other. It's kind of a fun game, anyway, especially the "quality control" part. You have to test it out to make sure you did a good job.

Just our opinion, Gary & Paula

West Sacramento CA
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Hell yes It is and actually we found the best saver in the world for shaving down there. We got ours from a place called Intimate Associates I think the name is. We've been using it for 8 months and haven't gotten a single razor burn nor any red bumps from ingown hairs......It works great.....anyway we enjoy both of us being shaved, I love the feel of his when it's completely shaved and balls too they are sooo soft, I just can't keep my hands off of them....LOL

Does anyone else know of a good methode of shaving, would love to hear about it

Livermore CA
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Great subject! Absolutely! In fact it's a requirement for anyone we swing with. Pubic hair serves no purpose in swinging except to gross some of us out. Some people like bushy men and women and that’s ok if you stay home and are monogamous. But if you swing with strangers; shave that shit off! And if you don’t want it all off, trim it down very neatly.

Other then your mouth, “Bad” bacteria grows in three other places faster then any other place on the body; your armpits, your pubic area, and between your butt cheeks. Hair in all those areas is totally unnecessary and the only reason it still grows there is because Evolution hasn’t caught up with it yet. I have no problem shaving my hubby’s ass and visa versa; if you do, then come to our party, I’ll shave it for you LOL.

Also, since we’re on the subject. Let’s talk “Swinger” Hygiene. This is just our personal opinion and what we require at our private parties.

We feel it’s important for everyone to shower using anti-bacterial soap immediately before playing with others. And no, not before you get there, but at the party itself. Everyone showers at the party. And we encourage frequent showers. In a course of one evening, I may have maxed out with 8 showers in a matter of 4 hours. Also, ladies should douche and use enema before the Swing Party. The enema should be done 3-5 hours before arrival. And the douching should be done right before you jump in the shower. Now some ladies may argue that douching is bad for you…… Yes, it is bad if you do it every single day. But on your swinging day, you should douche. Trust US! DOUCHE!! As for the enema; it may or may not be because of anal sex, but I have seen some ladies literally get the “shit” fucked out of them.

Listerine is a lifesaver! If the host doesn’t have it, bring your own. Gargle with it, 5, 6, 7, 8 times if you have too. If you like unprotected oral sex and kissing this is a must!!!

Bottom line is, if you’re going to have sex with strangers, it should be as clean as possible.


Newark CA
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We like the natural look. I think a woman with pubic hair is sexy. Plus I do not like razor burn it takes all the fun out of it.

Elkridge MD
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Nobody likes to put their face into pubic hair so dense & untrimmed that you could weave it into dreadlocks! Besides, bushy pubic hair holds odors. The only people we've been with who smelled a bit "off" were bushy.

On the other hand, we don't like our sex partners to look like they haven't yet reached puberty. It seems to us that somewhere between bald & bushy is a good place to be. Keep it clipped short and shaped. You don't let your hedges grow wild, so why let your pubic hair? Get out the electric clippers and do some creative trimming & shaping!

The worst of all is a shaved guy. No matter how well they shave, their is always at least a little bit of stubble, and that stubble is like sandpaper to Mrs. Valover's sensitive skin. It leaves her raw & red and burning - not fun.

Different strokes for different folks, but our preference is for trimmed & shaped, but not shaved.

South Riding VA
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There are salons that provide waxing for men. Most professional salon are getting more and more request for this procedure. The professional buzz word for it is called the "SUNGA". Once it is done it's hard to go back. It can be addictive.

Chandler Heights AZ
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There are home wax kits but be very careful in choosing. Not all work very well. There is no special place for guys to go get a wax job as far as I know. You would just go to the same place as a woman.


Corpus Christi TX
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Shaved is always better for me. I prefer the shaved look on both guys and girls...but for men, VERY closely trimmed is fine as well..(I understand that taking a razor to your balls may not be your cup of tea...just trim everything Very short then...)

Not only is it easier to give oral sex on partners who are shaved..it is more enjoyable for the giver. Hair traps smells...nice and smooth tends to be much cleaner and more fresh in my opinion.

Harrisburg PA
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We prefer waxed to shaved - stubble is much too hard on the lips and mouth! If you are used to a waxed pussy or balls, it's very difficult to go back - and you are absolutely right - hairballs are for cats only!

New Orleans LA
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TOPIC: Is Oral Sex better when It's Shaved