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TOPIC: Do you initiate contact
Created by: livewiresimone The original post for this thread was deleted.
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We are a full Swap couple but I find that irrelevant to your question. It is absolutely imperative you contact other couples who you are attracted to and seem to meet your desired level of play. Take a chance, send and introduction, mention what drew you to their profile ( no not their photos) and simply explain you are just getting your feet wet but excited about the possibilities. Do not sound wishy washy, unsure, full of potential drama etc. Many profiles state they are happy to play at whatever level you're comfortable with , many others don't mention it but are open. What is the worse thing that can happen by reaching out ? Rejection is simply a part of beast, it happens to all of us for 100's of different reason. Don't personalize, don't ask for explanations and just call NEXT! If you don't put yourself out there chances are you will be left out there.

Good luck,

Mrs Sav

Anniston AL
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TOPIC: Do you initiate contact