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TOPIC: Travel Connections
Created by: PlayfulCplWatertown The original post for this thread was deleted.
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PlayfulCplWatertown, welcome to the forums. I hope you keep posting and reading. There is a lot of interesting stuff here.

Regarding your topic, there are ways you can use this website to meet people along your travel route. Put in the name of your daily destinations in Hot Date and/or Events, and see what comes up. That won't necessarily give you a place to stay, but you may meet interesting people in the lifestyle that way.

A friend of mine uses the couch surfing network (you can Google the term to get more info) and loves it. She is in her mid-60s, likes to travel but doesn't have much extra money for travel expenses. Her son and his wife couch surf, too, so it is not just an old folks' activity. Good luck!

Sheboygan Falls WI
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TOPIC: Travel Connections