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TOPIC: Late_Bloomers_vs_Lifetime_Experiences
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We personally include pics of us both when we correspond with people we'd like to get to know better.

As for our swinging adventures: Dan has traveled all over the world, done a lot of pretty exciting and erotic things, and sort of "been there, done that," but had never been married before. I came out of a monogamous 20 year abusive marriage and had never even viewed a porn movie or played with a sex toy...everything "alternative" or adventurous was seen as a threat by my ex husband. So...Dan and I married over 4 years ago and he has provided me the opportunity to experience everything and anything I desire, and he has the benefit of being in a truly loving and secure married relationship and gets to experience everything from "new" eyes.

If you want to read more about us or our experiences, I'm sure you can find examples in my many forum postings...hehehehe.

Happy swinging, hugs, Gina

San Antonio TX
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Great photos, but you really should put at least one photo of the husband on your profile. Many couples won't consider you otherwise.

We were 51 and 49 when we had our first swinging experience, and had been married for just 6 years. A 2nd marriage for each of us.

We have found that swinging couples frequently fall into 2 categories - those who started swinging in their 20s, and those who never started until after they were empty nesters. Like us, these older "newbies" wanted to explore before they got too old and it was too late. Many of those older swingers were high school sweethearts and had been "one and only" for each other prior to swinging. They had a huge curiousity about what sex is like with other partners and intended to find out before they woke up on the wrong side of the grass!

The other category of older beginners are like us - 2nd marriages. For them, I think swinging is easier, because both partners knew when they got married that the other had been with someone else before, so being "one and only" was not an option. Moreover, most 2nd marriage couples had enjoyed other sex partners between marriages, too, before they found each other.

So going in, we knew that the fact that we had been with other partners meant absolutely nothing so far as our love, respect, and dedication to each other. Paula referred to sex with others as "friend sex," which she found enjoyable between marriages. And as she also likes to say, "It's ONLY fucking!"

We were like kids in a candy store for a few years, too. There are just so many new experiences to enjoy for the first time. After a few years you have done most of what you wanted to experience, so you tend to "settle down" and swing less frequently and you get pickier and pickier about your playmates.

At least that's how it was for us.

We play with others less now than ever, but we have really focused in on quality rather than quantity (no more fucking anybody willing at a party!).

Living in a dense metropolitan area, we used to restrict ourselves to playmates who lived within an hour's drive of us (around here that's about 30 miles). But now we put our priority on couples who not only LOOK attractive to us, but whose profiles make them sound like people we would really want to have as friends, even without any swinging (although we want that too!). So now if/when we find a "quality" couple who contacts us first, we will drive up to a few hours to meet them halfway between their home and ours.

We've fucked our share of people. Now we want only those who appeal to us the MOST - and that means what's between their ears is at least as important as what they've got from the neck down.


Culpeper VA
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My wife and I only started playing a little over a year a half ago and we were both over 50. Neither of us had any experience - I won't count a pre-Jen bi girlfriend that I credit for some FMF - and we were both monogamous.

We've been like a couple of kids in a candy store and find ourselves playing, with close friends we've developed, nearly every weekend. We've discussed it a lot and are unsure if our level of play is due to the fact our mature ages have lead us to drop pretenses, whether we might be facing our own mortality, or simply that it's a hell of lot of fun and is so new to us.

We've read a lot of forum posts from people who've been in and out of the lifestyle with breaks while they raised families, built careers, etc., but we haven't encountered any who started later in life as we have. We're interested in knowing if we're an anomaly, and if our level of play at our age is, or if we're typical of late bloomers. We'd love to hear from those who also started late in life as well as those with a lifetime of experiences.

As background, we're financially secure empty-nesters and our weekend time is our own. I'm a workaholic during the week and Jen's slowing easing herself into semi-retirement. We have four regular playmates - two handsome males in their 40's and two stunning lades in their mid-30's - and the ladies will occasionally have an additional single male join us as a seventh.


Gouldsboro PA
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TOPIC: Late Bloomers vs Lifetime Experiences
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