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My husband put up his old childhood Lionel Train around the Christmas tree this year after retrieving it from his old childhood home in WI.

Got us talking/thinking about favorites we had as a child.

My son brought me my old Monopoly game, a deluxe set with slots for the titles/deeds and just an all around nicer set. I got it for Christmas when I was probably around 10.

Some other favorites:

I loved my brother's Hot Wheel tracks and we used to set them up going down our basement steps, complete w/ loops. Also his Johnny West set with horses and a town, and all, and I had a Jane West.

Etch a Sketch, Silly Putty in my stocking, crayons of course,

A Barbie house that took my dad almost all night to put together...

A Smurf mushroom house for my oldest son when he was very young, that took a while to put together too.


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TOPIC: Favorite Christmas toys