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TOPIC: dental dams
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There are many ways to decrease pathogen transmission during FF play.

-The first is....You DON"T have to get your face wet!!! Little or unknown women...don't get me plunging my tongue into their vagina. I concentrate on the "regular" skin surrounding the vagina and clit/hood.

-Gloves are not all bad. If I have cuts on my hand I will use them.

-Tribadism or rubbing bodies is safer sex. Legs between legs, forearms when standing...all post less risk.

-For the ultra safe dental dams are the ticket. I have used them.

What NOT to do is more important. -Don't switch hands. One is for her and one is for you. -Don't use uncovered toys. -Don't let anyone touch you vaginally unless they have washed their hands. I have watched guys go from chick to chick...with the same hand. Purell....it.

The only direct transfer place, in my normal practices, is the face. I go down on her. I kiss her. She goes down on me. Transfer has occurred.

Does this help.


Glen Burnie MD
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TOPIC: dental dams