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TOPIC: We_have_Herpes_and_heres_how_it_happened!
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Since Herpes seems to hold some interest (as it should)for people in this forum, and since we have had quite a few messages asking how we came to have it we thought why not post it in here.We need to first admit our knowledge of the "gift" as Herpes is called was nill. Never did we think that having oral sex with a person who has hsv1 orally could spread herpes to the genitals but thats exactly what happened to us.We met a WONDERFUL couple on another swing site.Met several times for drinks, things began to progress to the point that we became full swap,seperate rooms and on occasion played with each others spouse seperately.Then one morning after about a year of playing only with this couple the Mrs began to feel a tingling / burning sensation in the pubic area of her genitals, did not think much of it other than it was likely caused by some good hard sex she had had with our close friends.A few days later that changed when little red bumbs appeared, a trip to the DR. and a specific test for Herpes revealed we had been givin the "gift" of genital Herpes type 1.. Confused, upset, and in denial about covers our feelings at the time.A month later it was my turn, flu like symptoms fever, chills, and then the bumps.During this period we decided NOT to say anything to our swing partners but finally decided we could dodge them no longer,we met them and told them of our situation.We explained all we had learned about Herpes from the time we had been diagnosed to the time we had disclosed it to them.The basic facts..most don't know they have it,many miss the signs or symptoms when they do show up,and the only way to know for sure is to be tested specifically for Herpes...not just a "standard".. std test.Well of course they denied that they had Herpes and we explained they would have no way of knowing without being tested without a type specific test for it.They kept repeating they had STD tests regularly and assured us it "was not them".The problem was we never accused them of passing it to us. We did not hear from them for several months then one evening out of the blue a phone call, the husband said he had decided to put their minds to rest and get tested,his test was positive,as was his wifes,same feelings as ours when we found out.So the question..and it really cannot be answered with any certainty, who gave it to who? We never had hsv1 in the typical place, on our mouths or face, never had any sort of indication of Herpes in the genital region...until we played with this other couple , they on the other hand had many oral break outs of Herpes(hsv1) and actually he could remember an evening we played where he had the burning/buzzing feeling of a coming cold sore on his lip which would indicate he was shedding the virus at that time.The time of that fits the diagnosis timeline...we just cant say for sure if thats when it occured.We remain playmates today, have worked through the whole thing and have come to realize there is no use in fretting or trying to place this lifestyle we all assume risks...but they can be reduced with knowledge of how these viruses and other bugs work.Be smart read up, get educated we always recommend lifestylers read "Good Virus bad Virus" These are some very basic facts regarding Herpes easily found on medical sites online ....

Up to 60 percent of people with GENITAL Herpes have no idea they carry the virus.

1 in 5 people have genital Herpes

80 % or more of the adult population has oral hsv1 , which can be easily spread to the genitals during oral sex causing genital hsv1

Herpes can be spread through skin to skin contact when there is no visible sign of an outbreak, this is through the shedding process.

Condoms are of little help in preventing herpes since it occurs in other areas around the genitals and spreads through skin to skin contact.

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TOPIC: We have Herpes and heres how it happened!
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