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TOPIC: STD Testing Etiquette
Created by: SouthernmostBeaches The original post for this thread was deleted.
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"Yeah, that was taken as a given. So the question about how often we _should_ get tested was really one of seeking the norm - a happy medium between safety and practicality"

Actually there is NO etiquette. I have been asked once or twice about my STD history/risk. These were not swingers. It's usually me who brings it up and only when I intend to play more than once with the person in question.

Casual pickups (rate about 2/yr) don't get questioned. I assume they are infected and act accordingly. In fact, my behavior doesn't change if I know the person's name.

I get tested for most general stuff about once a year. I tell her I don't have anything but she still tests me for everything anyway. Everything meaning most Bacteria, trich and the like. GC and HIV. I don't get tested for herpes because I'm sure to test positive after all these years. It's a given in my book.

I suggest women "smell their underwear" when sitting at the toilet. ;) Anything but your natural odor needs looking into. If you (ladies) scratch (genitally) more than a time or two..go to the doctor. Changes in your discharge warrant a doctor visit also. Most things have some symptoms, although they can be mild. Pay attention and you will have safer outings, catch things early, and generally make the swing community safer.

Looking at certs only tells part of the story. My history goes back 30 years. We just said "damn the torpedos" back then. I played with Bimen when I could. I still love them, but have avoided them since 1980-81. I always liked that they gave as well as they got. ;)

So my actual history much more active than my certs show. I usually state that I have had less than 100 partners, including women during my life. Actually, I have very little idea. That's about a new partner every 3 months.. Seems right.

Of course I have slowed down since my youth. I am very, very, happy with my two primary partners. I only stray when I'm out of town and a delectable morsel presents themselves. ;) One thing that has happened since I've been older? I don't let good times pass me by. I bite on them, realizing that my marketability is becoming less and less. Actually, it hasn't. I merely need to fish in a different pond.

Going to Vegas in 3 weeks.


Glen Burnie MD
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TOPIC: STD Testing Etiquette