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TOPIC: Preggos
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From what I have read out here on these Forums. Is that if you are for Safe Sex and post about it or concerned about it. That there will be a line forming up to say that there is better chance of you getting hurt on the way to the club rather then having unprotected sex. That some of the people here been doing it for years and nothing has happened to them. Then again if you post about not using protection the same line forms. This time they state CDC, doctors, schools, and etc.. All saying how unsafe it is not to use protection. So the only advice I can give without the line forming up to quickly is. Take it with a grain of salt. Read what has been posted or said and make your own mind up. After all it is your body that you may or may not catch something or give something. It's not like people get a tattoo on their forehead stating what STD's they carry. Preggo scares are a real factor and if I was a female and was not surgically safe he would be wrapped up at all times during intercourse. But then again that is that is just my opinion. Jay

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TOPIC: Preggos