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TOPIC: Condom_apathy_and_erection_issues_-_pet_peeve
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Yep. Men hate them. Ha. They HATE them. Women don't like them either, I know I prefer bareback because they pinch the shit out of me when they aren't put on properly. However. They are a necessity with us other than 1 man that Jay told me is cool enough with that he does not mind bareback. And yes, I have found that they magically disappear when you go into the playroom....these intelligent, educated gentlemen get alzeimers when it comes to having a condom to wear lmao! My solution? I keep a few in my own pocket or one tucked in my bra. Then when I get that little look and he says "oh, I forgot them" I pull it out and say "see, I've got you covered."

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Raven it could just be a regional thing because in our area it is extremely rare to run across a male that doesn't use a condom. Almost impossbile to find them. When we do encounter them it's because they are members of a small click group and everyone in that closed group doesn't wear condoms. However, thats rare.

Condom issues.... yup goes with the territory. I would say about half of the males I meet can cum using a condom and half can't because there just isnt enough stimulation.

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Raven, in our experiences, MOST people demand and expect condoms, and the ones who DON"T are the exception. I've said in another post that the male of one couple who was at a house party a month ago got huffy and left b/c the women all insisted on condom use, and the other people who knew them said that they have a problem finding partners because of his insistence on bareback partners.


There is the problem with erection loss once that condom is on. I've had male partners in either camp...the ones who snap that thing on and keep going, and the ones who lose their erections. If anyone has any good suggestions to get past that mental/sensation block that occurs when that little package is torn open, I'm all ears.


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Lately I’ve come across several situations where swinging males are all into me until I pull out my condom bag. I sometimes feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when she tells Richard Gere to “Pick one! I've got red, I've got green, I've got yellow. I'm out of purple, but I do have one Gold Circle Coin left. The condom of champions. The one and only, nothing is getting through this sucker. What do you say?” *chuckles* I often see the disappointed look in their eyes of "Damn! She really IS gonna make me wear a condom". I try to make it as enticing as possible by using different techniques when putting it on, which usually starts out with positive reactions. The problem seems to settle in when I momentarily stop to change positions. Once the erection issues arise no amount of patience/talent on my part seems to makes a difference for very long unless the male can overcome.

Personally, I hate condoms for many reasons, but that does not make me stupid. It simply makes me more understanding that for some… condoms are problematic. I've gotten so accustomed to males (more often married than swingles) not being able to maintain an erection when wearing a condom that the idea of having an orgasm from penetration seems to have flown out the window more often than I care to admit. BTW, the nillas I date don’t seem to have a problem with the use of condoms.

I’m actually one of a rare few that I personally know that is insistent about safe sex practices. It sucks! In multiple situations I’ve noticed that males often move on quickly to the females that don’t require condoms. The risk seems to be non existent in their heads. STUPID PEOPLE!! It doesn't affect my self esteem when they can't perform or aren’t interested when a condom is required. That’s their issue, but it has its too frequent frustrating moments knowing I’m gonna be left hanging. I’ve gotten to the point that I expect it which is why I am commenting on this pet peeve. I’ve busted guys trying to fool me by pulling off the condom at the last moment, but I ALWAYS double check before any penetration occurs. Last time it happened wifey was in on it which surprised me. I’m quite loud when outing someone for deceptive practices. LoL! I’ve had some ask if they can go without due to the problem, but I’d rather NOT!!! I had one male ask me that if I went out with him again would I make him wear another condom since we’ve already done that. WTF kind of question is that? He didn’t like my answer.

I tell people upfront that condoms are non-negotiable, but I get the impression that many think those are merely meaningless words. Why is safe sex so unpopular or not practiced more frequently where I live? Is there any one else facing the same issues as I am? Luckily I have a talented and well-hung soul mate that can go the distance in making sure I am satisfied. He’s the only one I can trust to enjoy bareback with.

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TOPIC: Condom apathy and erection issues - pet peeve
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