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TOPIC: Why_we_should_sell_Ann_Coulter_to_any_nation_that_will_take_her
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It's Ann coulter... She lives in another reality and visits our own.

I can understand the basic and warped idea behind such list... But making any non-medical abortion illegal would be a better and arguably more palatable solution, as it achieves the end result of saving lives and protecting the unborn when ever possible.

Sadly the vast majority of pro-life people also are the same ones subscribing to dog eat dog rules for those of us who live past birth. Which entirely ereases any pro-life message that they may have tried to make.

You cannot be both prolife and conservative at the same time. (least of all a tea party member) you cannot just dump the unwanted trash you forced another to keep.

I also understand the pro-abortion view about treating women as more than plumbing. But like the pro-life/anti abortion group, both sides are placing greater value on one or the other... Only the pro-abortion side desires greater funding for contraception, education and research and development of new technologies to free women from unwanted pregnancies.

This is why the pro-life side of the debate are and always will lose this fight... They give nothing, but take everything.

Hazle Township PA
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She wants a published nationwide list of women seeking abortion posted to the web, in response to the gun registry. I bet we couldn't actually give her away. Matter of fact, I doubt we could pay anyone to come get her! And people wonder why the GOP has so many negative labels..

San Antonio TX
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TOPIC: Why we should sell Ann Coulter to any nation that will take her
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