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TOPIC: What_common_Democrats_are_saying_about_the_party_today
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How could such a thing have happened, whereas former 'Classical Liberal Virtues' such as the firm belief in God, Country, Moral Values, Individual Liberty, and Personal Freedom that became so hijacked, and so perverted by an intolerant band of coercive Leftist Modern Liberal Fascists?

Today they are well represented in the Modern Democrat Party Congressional Leadership, throwbacks from a 1960's era of a spoiled generational children who were well provided for by their parents, given the best educations, the best opportunities, and graced with as much materialism that their parents could afford, and sometimes could not afford.

These Modern Liberal Fascists share no such resemblances to Classical Liberalism, or the old Democrat Party structure. In fact, the contemporary Democrat Party Fascist Modernists of today demand the control of people, thoughts, markets, perceptions, and seek to increase the power, and size of the Government over everybodys lives.

They have subverted the truth regarding the founding fathers of America and the Constitution and its history, in an effort to re-interpret the Constitution, and to slowly transform America into a 'Collectivist State' apparatus for the so called 'Betterment of the Working Classes' that today sounds more reminiscent of Marxist symbolism than it does of honorable old classical liberal values.

Over the decades America has witnessed a bankrupt amoral and hostile attitude from 'The Democrat Party Left' for any forces in America who advocated, or dared oppose the world-wide Communist/Socialist/Marxist scourge that thought to impose itself all over the World, and within the sphere of the North American continent.

Modern Democrat Party Liberal Socialists, their Liberal Activist Courts, their friendly Communist Agitators and Litigators in the anti-American A.C.L.U., the Liberal Socialist Academia intelligencia, and even the leftovers from the Communist Party U.S.A.

It is my belief that 'IF' the American people at large knew of the depth and scope of the REAL belief systems of the Modern Democrat Party Liberal Socialists, and their attempted sedition, and their identified domestic bedfellows, and their international connections ..they would seldom win any national elections in America.

Is it any wonder whatsoever as to 'why' many Modern Liberal Socialists, and some of their select Democrat Party Congressional masters LUST to control the Internet, and its information flow today?

Destin FL
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TOPIC: What common Democrats are saying about the party today
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