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TOPIC: Voter_Suppression_in_Virginia
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[The Daily GOPoop Election Fraud Report]

Republican funded voter registration operation in Harrisonburg, VA was found to be throwing away voter registration forms of people who did not identify themselves as Republicans.

GOP employee Colin Small, 31, was arrested by police after multiple witnesses watched him throw away voter registration forms in a dumpster. Those forms were recovered and given to police. The Republican party is denying any involvement or responsibility for the actions of their surrogate to whom they paid a salary.

Small was originally hired by Strategic Allied Consulting, a known right-wing front that has been previously connected to cases of voter fraud around the nation.

It is a felony in Virginia to accept a voter registration form while not turning it in. Colin Small has been charged with obstructing justice, and with destroying voter registration applications.

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TOPIC: Voter Suppression in Virginia