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....I'm extending a fig leaf to everyone I have offended right now,....

I don't want a fig leaf, cuz I'm into exhibitionism, but I will accept and olive branch ;-)

Palm Beach Gardens FL
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You know E_R I just don't understand you or your motives.

"As an aside I'd like to note that it's been amazingly quiet in the politics forum this week. Looks like it must be a vacation week at the office of the establishment trolls. Or perhaps the funding from Ruppert Murdoch et al. has dried up? Maybe they're two busy with the fax machine getting their new marching orders from the home office after the Clinton bitchslap fiasco"

What exactly does this have to do with the thread you created? Do you remember writing the following? "Alright, listen up because I'm only going to say this once. I recognize that I am part of the problem, although I am not the only one. I'm extending a fig leaf to everyone I have offended right now, and am promising to tone down my behaviour in the forums provided: 1. the bullheaded retarded trolling and harassment by the others stops 2. No more over the top innuendoes of violence (i.e. certain people should be "exterminated like rats" ... "receive a bullet in their heads" etc." 3. In general, the idiocy ceases In return I will be polite and hospitable and respond thoughtfully and intelligently to any and everyone I dialogue with. I will not delete my posts further, nor intentionally try to disrupt in any way. I will still however, post controversial comments. If you think my comments are over the top then you are all welcome to call me out on them or to ignore me. How about it? One adult to another, let's change the direction the forums have gone and be hospitable."

Or possibly this; "Alright obviously too much bad blood and water under the bridge for a few select people to accept my offer of hospitable behavior. To those people (MIKE, PERFECTMATCH, AKRON and anyone else that simply hates my guts) I present a second offer. There is sufficient room in the forum for all of us. Live, and let live, is my proposition. I will ignore you all if you will return the favor in kind and leave me be. A two state solution for peace in forums."

It seems that all you want to do is get on here and try to create chaos. Obviously the above meant absolutely nothing and for some reason you are not a man of his word. From the definition that was provided about "trolls" I will say you fit the description. I am one of the biggest supporters of being able to speak your mind, but that is not what you are doing. You are trying to create hostility and drama with pretty much every post you write. I realize that you think you are all that and a bag of chips, but reality is you are not that impressive. You post inacurate information as you have done here and try to stir shit up. Why is it calm, the majority are just ignoring you and hoping that you probably fade away. Why don't you try to be a man of your word. Maybe then, others will show you a little more respect.

Allentown PA
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One can thank the teachers union foR THAT!!!!!!

Hollywood FL
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