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TOPIC: The burdens of the wealthy
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The burdens of the wealthy.

The wealthy are wealthy because they made choices in life which proved fruitful. They chose to reduce cost and expenditures, sell more and invest in other like minded businesses.

The wealthy don't like spending their money, none of us do. Not one of us here like losing money, much less see others spend our money, so it is safe to say we don't like paying taxes.

Now let's look at what expenditures were reduced. The work force is an expenditure, quality is an expense, so to is taxation.

So when you reduce your work force and increase your production and sell more, you increase profits. Simple right? Of course it is, or not!

Your costumers are the work force. The man and woman who works 40 hours a week, and is suppose to be paid a living wage which allows them to help you shoulder the tax burden, after all... Without taxation, you have no government to provide roads and bridges to get your product to the store, much less the costumer.

So if you reduced the wage earner, knowing that they were the ones who helped lift your burdens, why are you crying about being the only ones left holding up the world?

Hazle Township PA
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TOPIC: The burdens of the wealthy