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TOPIC: The Sandy 36
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36 Rethuglican Senators voted AGAINST the Sandy relief bill today. They insisted that the funding be tied to spending cuts of equal value, DESPITE most having lobbied for disaster relief for their own states IN ADVANCE of the storm even hitting their state (it never did), spoken highly of FEMA for the money THEY got for their state. Others were simply uncaring and unfeeling and said no out of some twisted reasoning they call 'morals'. Hypocrisy in the Rethuglican party? Go figure.


I know that some supporters of these 'public servants' have been directly affected and desperately NEED this money. How do you square your willingness to take, but are unwilling to allow anyone 'else' (those people) access to government largesse? How do you rationalize your support of such sociopaths (the Republican party) and yet 'take' from the government more than any other group per capita?

East Fishkill NY
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TOPIC: The Sandy 36