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TOPIC: Soilless farming
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I am rather encouraged by this technology.

ht tp://ww w.cityscapefarms.co m/soillessfarming/

Not only will it feed the starving world wide by placing the food local to the hungry... without regard for the type of land, but it can be used with less healthy GM foods which aren't meant for human consumption as a means of creating bio-fuels and plastics.

Cities could become self-dependent from the farming communities which hate the cities anyway. (look where the republicans vs democrats are) No more need for farm subsidies to farmers who want small government... Each city could produce its own food, reduce transport and growth cost, create their own cleaner refineries, ect...

Of course this will kill low education or no education jobs... There by requiring people to get a college level education, just to provide food. But the tech will also be a stepping stone to space exploration as we would be able to grow our food in space stations... Now how do we make gravity so to grow the food? 2001 space odyssey anyone? (spinning the exterior of the ship so to create gravity.)

Hazle Township PA
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TOPIC: Soilless farming