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Well it's been about two months since I was here for more than a hit-and-run and I see things have indeed changed. Not for the better...

SLS it seems has become one more right wing echo chamber, with liberals deserting said environs for more productive pursuits in the post election weeks. Predictable. Also predictable is those same righties convincing themselves that this new-found majority here is a 'mandate' and not simply being left in the dust of history by those both more mature and better informed than the poor souls left here to ague minutia among themselves.

It's like witnessing a barroom brawl started by a big, loud asshole that's hitting on a friends wife. After he gets his ass licked, shown to be a provocateur and shamed in front of everyone, INSISTS on trying to take another swing at the husband only to get bitch slapped into unconsciousness.

2014 is the year Rethuglicans get bitch slapped by the American People.

East Fishkill NY
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TOPIC: SLS A Threat To Fox