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Don't the lawyers get to exclude a certain number of people from the jury pool without cause, and need to demonstrate cause for others they wish to exclude?

In other words, couldn't a lawyer simply use their exclusions to turf Jews from the jury pool?

I admit I am not too familiar with how this works...

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Islamic Terrorist’s Jewish Lawyer Wants Jew-Free Jury in New York

Remember Stanley Cohen, the HAMAS lawyer? Well, now, there’s more where he came from in the form of lawyer Frederick Cohn, who represents a Taliban terrorist. Cohen, Cohn . . . same difference. Both self-hating, anti-Semitic Jews who are a huge part of the problem we face. Cohn wants a Jew-free jury, something that’s illegal and unconstitutional, in the trial against terrorist Abdel Hameed Shehadeh. I’ve written about Shehadeh previously on this site.

Read the Federal Criminal Complaint against Shehadeh. He was a follower of Anwar Al-Awlaki and Bin Laden and recruited over 40 New York residents to become jihadists and attack America, including a homeless couple, teachers, college students, and cab drivers and he nearly escaped the US when the feds caught up with him in Hawaii. We don’t know who these people are, but they roam America’s streets today. The NY Daily News, which had the list back in 2011 when it was accidentally posted online, refused to disclose it. Not sure how any of this has anything to do with Jews or Zionism. Yet, his Juden lawyer is seeking a Judenrein jury. So, to sum up: we can’t see the list of terrorists roaming our streets, but he should get a Judenfrei jury. Yup, that’s the ticket.

An attorney has hatched a shocking scheme to defend an accused terrorist in Brooklyn federal court: Purge the Jews.

Lawyer Frederick Cohn will ask a judge today to bar Jews from the jury hearing the case against Abdel Hameed Shehadeh, who’s accused of lying about trying to join jihadists in Pakistan. “Given that there’s going to be inflammatory testimony about Jews and Zionism, I think it would be hard for Jews to cast aside any innate antipathy,” said Cohn, who is Jewish.

“The American Jewish community is heavily aligned with Israel and Zionism. Here is a guy who is a Muslim, who is opposed to those things.” The subject of the controversial ban first arose at a recent court hearing. “Your Honor . . . as you know, I’m not wild about having Jews on the jury in this case,” Cohn told Brooklyn federal Judge Eric Vitaliano in February. . . .

The Shehadeh trial is not the first time jurors’ religious views have taken center stage at a court proceeding.

At the initial trial of two black men accused of civil-rights violations stemming from the Crown Heights killing in 1991 of Hasidic scholar Yankel Rosenbaum, Brooklyn federal Judge David Trager tried to balance the religious and racial composition of the jury.

But an appellate court overturned the verdict, saying the approach violated the Constitution.

No kidding. Banning an entire group of people from a jury based on ethnicity is the same as banning them from public buses and bathrooms. It’s illegal, plain and simple.

The thing is, I only wish that Cohn’s claim about Jews and “Zionism” were true. It’s not. In fact, Jews (in one case, an Orthodox Jew) sitting on a couple of terrorism trial juries moronically acquitted and/or deadlocked on the guilt of Islamic terrorists despite stark evidence against them.

Most notable was the trial of Youssef Samir Megahed, who was acquitted with an Orthodox Jew on the jury, despite the fact that he clearly planned a major terrorist attack using pipe bombs, wetsuits, and a quick plane ride out of New York afterward.

So Jews on the jury doesn’t mean much and this lawyer is grandstanding.

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TOPIC: Protecting the Jihadists
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