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TOPIC: Political_forms_and_Sls
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I find it funny that supposed to be grown men, some of who call themselves businessmen must not only degrade others, but must block them to do it behind the blanket immunity of a block.

You talk about demanding respect from one side of your face, and talking poorly about another person you have blocked from the other side. This is called being two faced. It is called being childish.

You talk about earning what you get, well the wealthy steal daily. How? By paying poverty wages, by paying wages which require a working man/woman to apply to social welfare and take from each and every one of you.

You ought to be looking at any employer who is paying minimum wage to an adult as the scum in the bottom of a septic tank. Social welfare ought to be for those who lose their jobs due to no fault of their own. (determined by welfare or a court.)

Instead, so to keep the economy afloat, we must take from you and give to the poor. Why? Because you don't treat minimum wage employers as the scum that takes from you and demoralizes the people of this nation.

Some of you who are businessmen must come here to reaffirm your belief that you are superior through degrading people and speaking through the anonymity of blocked faces and faked names.

While some others come here to exchange ideas, most of whom have left. Those of the left leaning who remain thus far are here for the reaffirmation of their own beliefs and most every one of those attack their own left leaning here so to attempt to seem middle of the road or totally left.

I think I can count on one hand the total number of people I respect on these political forms. Ghost is one such person, ZZ, Party and maybe one or two others.

Why? Because the primary concern of these men are the welfare of the people, not personal wealth. Ghost claims to be a businessman. I won't say he isn't, he seems intelligent enough to be one and if he truly is a businessman the type that ought to lead this nation.

VA is the type that had forced this nation to create a social safetynet and had lowered the standard of living in this nation to one which can no longer support it's own weight. The castles will topple over for they are always built upon the strength of the people and the people have become rotten by your greed.

The post by ZZ are often times funny, but he has the discipline which I licked and can respect to not be drug into a shit tossing contest.

While party might be a extreme left person on these forums, he means well enough. Sadly the fog sometimes prevents one to see the black ice, but all must skid on the ice at least once to learn their lesson.

Because of people like Fjep, Vacp, and other right wing nuts, Party will in time gain his bans and the evidence will prove or disprove the fact that bans work or do not work. Given history's lessons, I believe safe money is on that bans will never work and the sooner you fix society, the sooner you have a peaceful society.

In conclusion I find that these forums are if not the best example, then the closest example of what is wrong with the US. I tried to bridge the gap between the far right vs left. The left is more receptive to conservative ideals, but the right is so far out there that they simply cannot be helped and have abandoned their own principles for pure greed.

The 2014 elections might not be the land slide that this nation needs, it might be a slug battle with out a winner. But facts remain, this nation, every state there in are becoming blue states and the far right must learn that you need to swim back to the life line we in the center have tried to throw out to you and that the wealthy must pay a living wage to a man/woman regardless if they work the hardest that they can, least you be required to pay for their care through taxation which will increase by factors more than they ought have to.

Hazle Township PA
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TOPIC: Political forms and Sls
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