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TOPIC: Political Inclination Quotient (PIQ Score)
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My Score is a 64.

After answering over 50 questions at h t t p: //piqscore. com/ , I get this summary:

Your Final PIQ Score is 64. This score has been determined by analyzing your decisions regarding important political positions and ideals. This Political Inclination Quotient should give you a clearer idea on where you stand on the political spectrum. A score closer to 0 reflects a liberal leaning, while a score closer to 100 reflects a conservative leaning. A score from 45-55 reflects a moderate position.

In the 10 categories: Personal Freedoms: Moderate Role of Government: Leans Conservative Taxes & Economic Issues: Conservative Government Spending: Conservative Security & Foreign Policy: Conservative Environmental & Energy Issues: Conservative Public vs. Private Sector: Liberal Education & Family Services: Leans Conservative Social Policies: Conservative Language, Culture, & Religion: Very Conservative

I'm curious as to who has taken the test, what was your score, and do you feel it's accurate. I thought I would be in the 50's range myself.

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TOPIC: Political Inclination Quotient (PIQ Score)