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TOPIC: Paying Parents
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There was a story on our local news the other night where the government is considering PAYING parents to get involved with their children's education. This is (from what I gathered from the story) for low income minorities. Parents will be given money to go to parent teacher confences, if their children do well on tests, attendance, going to PTO meetings and a large bonus for their kids graduating.

Is this right? Even if I am mistaking whether or not it is only for minorities, should the government PAY parents to get involved with their kids education? How many more hand-outs is our government going to give people? Should parents be more concerned about their children's education? I believe so. Should the government BRIBE parents to do what they should be doing already? Maybe the government will pay boys/men to pull their pants up next. Or pay some of the girls to wear longer skirts. Parents should not be buying their 14-17 year old daughters airplane skirts to begin with (for those who don't know an airplane skirt is one so short when the woman bends over you can see her cock-pit). Has our country gone down hill so bad that some parents have to be paid to do what they are supposed to do anyway? What's next paying parents to make their kids eat vegetables? How about the government pay sperm doners to hang around and be a father to their creations? How about giving girls money to remain pure until they wed? Or giving girls money not to get knocked up at 12-17?

Spencer TN
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TOPIC: Paying Parents