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TOPIC: Paranoia and PTSD
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I have noticed some interesting correlations with the political right on these fourms.

1) most are self discribed special ops, infantrymen, Vietnam vet's. 2) most are avide gun rights activist wanting automatic weapons such as the AR-15 which appears very similar to the M-16/M4. 3) most assum that the government has been taken over by communist or socialist... The very people the Vietnam veterans fought in Korea, vietnam and the cold war.

I wonder if the cold war has had some kind of effect on their minds to have trapped them perminately in a start of fear?

During Korea, Vietnam and throughout the cold war, the training was that the bad guy was everywhere. This type of training is useful in surviving war, but it also fosters extreme paranoia.

As these mostly republican men grew from boyhood into adult hood (18-25) they were subjected to these extremes... And lived in the worst conditions imaginable, made to fear and believe that if it isn't a US American, it is the enemy.

Now one cannot say for sure that this is the case as there are lefties and centrist who weren't so damaged by these wars and the training... But we must remember that every population has those more subseptable to fear... And propaganda.

When one is forced to find anything to hold onto in war, they can be made into extremist... I wonder if this is why the tea party is primarily made up of late 40 to elderly, fear the government, fear change, fear anyone unlike the selves type of people?

What are your thoughts?

Hazle Township PA
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TOPIC: Paranoia and PTSD