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TOPIC: Obama_Giving_up_on_right_leaning_Whites
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nationaljournal dot com/magazine/why-obama-is-giving-up-on-right-leaning-whites-20130131

As a pretty significant contributor to Candidates, PACS and the DNC and DCCC, all I can say is...It's about time. Let's be Frank, Right leaning whites are the least teachable and most dug in demographic in America. Neither Obama or any Democratic candidate for state of national office (local and congressional would be the exceptions) should be spending a dime or an hour courting them. they know what they know and the facts don't interest them. The good news is, they don't need them. They now lack the numbers and clout to beat the new Democratic coalition of Minorities, progressives, Liberals, labor, educated whites, educated women and urban professionals

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TOPIC: Obama Giving up on right leaning Whites