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TOPIC: Night of the Romney Zombies
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At sundown, Americans will experience the full zombie nation of Kolob on earth. Idiots out walking around suppressing the votes of anyone disagreeing with their Dark Lord in the next national election and stealing candy from children will be lurking and marching in your neighborhood.

Anyone who has a fully-functioning human brain can expect attacks from the Mormon Dementors in the modality of teevee commercials from the Koch Brothers Crime & Dementia Corps and the various alternate shape-shifting forms of Bush's Brain, Karl Rove.

True American patriots and Lightworkers of the Arachangel Michael Brigade of the God of Seven Universes will laugh and scoff at the acrimonious attacks of the Deatheaters and Alice Spooker raccoons.

Heat a pot of chili and add extra garlic. Romney Zombies, Mormon Dementors, and Rove & Spooker scavangers fear the smell of garlic on the breath of a Lightworker of Truth, Justice, Archangel Michael, and the American Way.

{{Eat a Three Musekteers bar and join in a song with your fellow true blue patriots. "Let every good fellow now join in oudr song. Viva la Compagnie! Success to each other and pass it along. Viva la Compagnie! Viva la viva la viva l'amore! Viva la viva la viva l'amor. Viva l'amore, viva l'amore, viva la compagnie!}} {{{Deatheaters shrink into plastic bags blowing in the wind at the sound of musketeers bravely singing in harmony.}}}

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TOPIC: Night of the Romney Zombies