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The Atlantic unearthed a picture of Newt Gingrich and his third wife, Callista, posing arm in arm in front of Auschwitz. “Newt is wearing his default smirk,” the magazine observes, and says “there is something distinctly off about these tourist-style shots in front of the Nazi death-camp.” It’s not actually that strange: exhaustive research reveals that the Gingrichs often pose—in the same outfits and with these same facial expressions, in fact!—at the sites of many of the world’s great tragedies.

Feeling despondent about the poor performance of your favorite Republic-con Party executive office candidates? Book a trip to your dream world of alternate realities today! Contact your local exosphere exit travel agency soon, before all the good seats are taken.

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TOPIC: Newt and Calistas Moon Colony Dream World