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TOPIC: New York's new gun control law
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Called the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, New York's law:

•Bans possession of any high-capacity magazines regardless of when they were made or sold. Only clips able to hold up to seven rounds can be sold in the state. Clips able to hold seven to 10 rounds can be possessed, but cannot be loaded with more than seven rounds. If an owner is found to have eight or more bullets in a magazine, he or she could face a misdemeanor charge. •Requires ammunition dealers to do background checks, similar to those for gun buyers. Dealers are required to report all sales, including amounts, to the state. Internet sales of ammunition are allowed, but the ammunition will have to be shipped to a licensed dealer in New York state for pickup. •Requires creation of a registry of assault weapons. Those New Yorkers who already own such weapons would be required to register their guns with the state. •Requires any therapist who believes a mental health patient made a credible threat of harming others to report the threat to a mental health director, who would then have to report serious threats to the state Department of Criminal Justice Services. A patient's gun could be taken from him or her, as well. •Stipulates that stolen guns should be reported within 24 hours. •Tightens the state's description of an "assault" weapon. Previous state law defined an assault weapon as having two "military rifle" features, but the new law reduces that specification to just one feature •Requires background checks for all gun sales, including by private dealers -- except for sales to members of the seller's immediate family.

One of the most controversial elements of the bill is the requirement on providers of mental health services

"For decades mental health workers have had an ethical obligation to report those they think pose a clear and present danger to others to the police and to the person who has been threatened," Caplan said. "Their codes of ethics require them to do so. The new law in New York now makes that reporting a legal duty and gives the therapist a clear set of directions as to how to report and to whom."

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TOPIC: New York's new gun control law