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TOPIC: Minimum_wage,_it's_your_fault
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The right on these forums love to tout how they quit school and worked hard for what they have. Guess what? Your hard work was your fault. You had no choice because you were ignorant and chose the life of ignorance. Get over the fact that you were forced to work hard your entire life.

Some on the right weren't so unintelligent and went to school, graduated and went to work... Sometimes working just as hard as those without an education. Congrats, but you are still ignorant... Just a little more intelligent.

Both sides use the philosophy that those making minimum wage are useless trash. That you must work harder to get better pay. Obviouslly you haven't worked minimum wage jobs in the last few years, because your employer doesn't reward hard work, they reward no one.

Promotions are granted to those with an edication such as business managment. You will not see a clerk in walmart become a manager without a college degree, not in the US.

Start your own business? Most startups don't last two years, of those that do, half don't survive five years.

So saving up some 10,000 USD over ten years to open your own business which everyone else is paying their workers minimum wage to do, is a big investment and ahit money to start a business with.

Now it might just be me, but would you grant a minimum wage employee of someone else a 30,000 loan to start a business? I thought not.

Now the meat and patatos. Minimum wage employees with kids are subsadized workers. They are paid some money by the government, money taken from your pockets so that the other businessman can pay his employees the legal minimum.

Wait, I thought that you are suppose to work hard for a good pay? But to bust walls, rebuild homes, you are being paid minimum wage? Where is the pay in that?

This doesn't include the lack of medical, the damage to your body over time and how it becomes worst as old man time catches up to you.

So I ask you why do you expect people to work hard when all working hard gets you is more work for minimum wage.

It seems to me that the only people working hard are the employees and not the employers who are given a cheap work force by the government who must tax everyone to subsadize that work force.

Yep, it seems like minimum wage isn't the workers fault, it is your fault. The people who protect the mentality of beating your employees up to get more work out of them and the un-fullfilled promise of better pay which doesn't come.

Hazle Township PA
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TOPIC: Minimum wage, it's your fault
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