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TOPIC: Like Rome
Created by: Robert_Hil
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The US is like Rome in so many ways, our founding fathers knew this and intentionally designed us to be like Rome for many intellectual reasons... Most of them are good reasons, some not so well.

The greatest failing of our founding fathers was that they didn't study what caused Rome to fall. Or at the least never took into account for what caused it to fall, outsourcing and greed.

Rome remained strong up and until it died. But it's strength died quickly after it could no longer afford to fund it's infulatructure and military. 

Rome expanded beyond its ability to control the world and exported jobs from Rome to what was then the third world.

Today we are doing the very same thing. We export jobs, reduce wealth of the common man by saying they aren't working hard enough when they work twice as hard as their fathers... We are now seeing that we can no longer afford to fund our military which has been our economic keystone for the last hundred years and like Rome will fall of we do not look inward and stop our independent greed.

The roads must be maintained, the electrical grids energized and the water must flow. The consumer must buy things beyond life sustaining objects, or the places of business which sell anything cannot afford to keep their doors open and more people become unemployed.

The economy is like a ball of string, pull one string, almost nothing bad happens. Pull two and the ball begins to weaken, pull three and the ball falls apart.

Taxation is that ball of string. When the middle class began to vanish along with the jobs, the wealthy began to pull strings to take more wealth.

Along with the vanishing middle class that had supported the weight if this nation the tax base and ability to pay for the roads.

Now Rome has more enemies than ever and they see our weakness. They see that we have no more reserves and we can no longer fund our military superiority. Greed of the wealthy has made the common man weak and thus the nation is weak, primed for the fall.

The fall will be like Rome's before us, from within, not out. Our enemies need only last long enough to cause us to over expend our last remaining resources and because those resources are in the hands of a few... The many are increasingly becoming unemployed and require social welfare to survive.

If independant greed isn't stopped by you and I, if the money doesnt flow to the masses and we refuse to provide social welfare, Rome will burn from within and there will be no one willing or able to put out the fires.

Hazle Township PA
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TOPIC: Like Rome