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TOPIC: Imagine_if__the_South_had_seceded_and_the_Blue_States_were_free_of_Grey-Red_Conservatism
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We've been having in various threads a debate over the Civil War, which is not irrelevant to today's politics.

The Red State-Blue State divide in the states east of the Mississippi mirrors quite closely the North-South divide in the Civil War, and swing states today are close to the border states of the Civil War era.

Note also: Texas entered the Union as a slave state and California entered the Union as a free state, and now Texas is a Red state and California a Blue state (with Southern California in the past being more Conservative than northern California as SoCal was settled more by people from the South).

The Liberal-Conservative debate or divide is also, at heart, on domestic issues, a division over the role of the federal government in our lives, with Liberals advocating a stronger role for government and Conservatives preaching against Big Government and getting federal government off our backs....and preaching for State Rights (and putting their idea of God into our lives).

This Liberal-Conservative split against mirror ideologically the North-South split of the Civil War, with the South resisting the power of federal government and wanting more local or state control (including the right to keep control over slaves and, yes, to pay lower tariffs or taxes).

During the Civil Rights era, again the South resisted attempts by the federal government to interfere with segregation and white supremacy just as the South resisted efforts by fed. gov't to interfere with slavery...and leading Conservatives (e.g., Goldwater, Reagan) all voiced opposition to the Civil Rights legislation of 1964 (as did GHW Bush in 1964).

So what if the South had seceded and if Lincoln had let them go? How long would it have taken the South to eliminate slavery and segregation and overcome white supremacy?

How liberal would the Blue/Northern states be without Southern conservatism to hold them back? Would Northern states all have universal health care and an unchallenged safety net for the poor? Would the North have unchallenged pro-choice and more effective gun control?

What would the South look like now if it had been free of what one poster calls "the raping" of the South by the North and from the politics of an "asshole"--Lincoln?

And in which section of the country would you want to live from 1861 onwards if you valued the Revolutionary principle: all men are created equal?

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TOPIC: Imagine if the South had seceded and the Blue States were free of Grey-Red Conservatism
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