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TOPIC: I Want A,,,IRS,,,Field Audit
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"To all those who would like a,,,IRS,,,Field Audit of themselves, their family, their business, and or their employer, respond to this post saying you would. "

1) Please, the worst that will happen is I discover that I am due more money form the government.

2) My family owns no businesses and if they did, then they would do well in ensuring that they pay their taxes.

3) Why the fuck do I care if my boss is audited? He pays me 8.25 an hour... I cannot get medical, I cannot save for college and survive on that... I have no loyalty to the boss, because I was given none.

As with all capitalist ideals, you get what you pay for and my employer doesn't pay me to care about him. So should he ever meet a grizzly fate, I will sleep as quietly as a baby. He has done nothing for me, thus he has done nothing to win my care. It is a minimum wage job, there are many like it.

"Remember, Obamacare run by the,,,IRS,,,will be like a, Field Audit."

Big deal, I've got nothing to lose by being audited.

Hazle Township PA
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TOPIC: I Want A,,,IRS,,,Field Audit