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TOPIC: I'm_right_your_wrong-obey_or_else
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Thst is the kind of arrogant attitudes I find here. A bunch of over grown children who happen to be between the ages of 40 to 65 plus.

A part of the posters here block those they don't agree with, so to only hear what they want to hear. Another group believes age alone gives them authority. Yet one other group believes that wealth gives them authority. The rest fit into sub groups.

It is amusing to watch children and that is what I have seen here, adult aged children attempting to belittle and degrade others. I will hand it to the right, the majority of them at the least do not block because you disagree with a small section of their core or rim beliefs.

The left seem to use the block as a tool to ignore oppinions which aren't carbon copies of their own. More so when they cannot win an argument based upon age or wealth. This is the very reason that this nation is going to fail, because you are trapped inside a closed minded loop.

This is why I unblock anyone who blocks me, in the event that they choose to grow up and become an adult and listen, not only to their own age group, but to those that are going to be the voters who decide if they get any benefits at all as senior citizens.

It is this arrogance of self rightiousness demonstrated by both sides here that are signing the death cetiricate if this nation. Sadly my words will go unthought about, UN examined, because you think that I am unimportant, dumb or uneducated and unwilling to work.

My generation votes, we have seen what your generations have done... And a growing number of us aren't expecting SSI or other benefits... That doesn't vote well for you in your old age when the bills must be paid and you hold the money which will be takes without social benefits like SSI or Medicare.

Enjoy the old age, because more within my generation are saying fuck it, do away with old peoples benefits if they have wealth... And tax them for the damage they caused.

Hazle Township PA
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TOPIC: I'm right your wrong-obey or else
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