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t0 tkill 20 unarmed, unprotected people?

The quick answer is 20.

So somebody walks into a "Gun Free Zone" with a 1911 45 acp. They have one full clip in the gun (7 rounds) and three extra magazines in an armband on the right arm, or shooting arm.

This is a semi automatic for those who aren't 'gun nuts'.

Fire 7 shots, depress the magazine release, which doesn't require you from changing your grip on the gun. The empty clip falls out, as you grab a new clip from the armband and insert it in the gun, which has never changed position in the shooting hand. Depress the slide release with the thumb on the shooting hand......again the gun never changed position, and fire 7 more. Repeat, Repeat again.

Changing magazines in this scenario takes under 1 second with just a little practice.

That's one gun, 3 extra magazine of 7 shots for a total of 28 shots. I'd say that's enough bullets to kill 20 sitting ducks.

Pittsburgh PA
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TOPIC: How many bullets do you need