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TOPIC: Gay Rights Movement
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I would like to hear thoughts on the Gay Rights Movement. I've heard it often compared to The Civil Rights Movement and The Womens Rights Movement. But for me I have never been able to find the same kind of respect for the Gay Rights Movement as I could for other Movements. My main issue with this movement is the use of Obscene and graphic sexuality. Imagine if swingers started marching down the street wearing costumes that they would wear in swinger's clubs. And engaging in sexual acts in full view of children. Imagine if swingers used floats, props, and signs mocking Christians? I think the Gay Rights Movement has consistently re-enforced negative stereotypes about Gays while complaining about the unflattering stereotypes. I just don't get it? What if MLk marched down the streets of Montgomery wearing ass-less chaps? I just can't give respect to a movement that has no respect for others or themselves. I've know many gays and still keep in touch with a few, most that I've known carried themselves with respect and dignity. They were also private about their sexuality without being ashamed of it. That kind of modesty and quiet dignity could go a long way toward their goals of equal treatment. JMO.

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TOPIC: Gay Rights Movement