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TOPIC: GOP needs to get with the times (pt 1)
Created by: Nkenswing
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By sounding and campaigning more like the Democratic Party, the Republican Party could politically 'siphon' votes just because some voters prefer an alternative, without even comprehending the issues and values as stake in the elections.

That's what Wicked Willard attmepted to do in the third presidential debate, by agreeing with President Obama on many questions posed.

Of course, once in office, they would advance their pro-Republican Party agendas, deceiving those who elected them as an alternative, thinking they were playing with fair and honest alternative candidates.

At the core of the issue is how Republic-cons can continue to deceive the American electorate and not be recognized and held accountable.

Treasure Is FL
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I can't seem to empathize with the idea that the GOP needs to do anything. The party should serve the people, and not vise versa. If they temporarily adjust their mode of attack, but they're still owned by the filthy rich, they're just temporarily hiding their real identity. This only makes them dangerous again.

Unless their leadership actually demonstrates good faith that America is their boss -- not just the wealthy and greedy 1% -- there's no reason for their continued existence.

We'd be a lot better off without a party of economic terrorists, wouldn't we?

Flat Rock NC
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WASHINGTON (AP) — To hear some Republicans tell it, the Grand Old Party needs to get with the times.

Some of the early prescriptions offered by officials and operatives to rebuild after devastating elections: retool the party message to appeal to Latinos, women and working-class people; upgrade antiquated get-out-the-vote systems with the latest technology; teach candidates how to handle the new media landscape.

From longtime GOP luminaries to the party's rising stars, almost everyone asked about the Republicans' Nov. 6 election drubbing seems to agree that a wholesale update is necessary for a party that appears to be running years behind Democrats in adapting to rapidly changing campaigns and an evolving electorate.

Interviews with more than a dozen Republicans at all levels of the party indicated that postelection soul-searching must quickly turn into a period of action.

"We've got to have a very brutally honest review from stem to stern of what we did and what we didn't do, and what worked and what failed," said former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, who ran the party in the 1990s.

The party "has to modernize in a whole wide range of ways," added former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who ran against White House nominee Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential primary. "We were clearly wrong on a whole range of fronts."

To determine what went wrong, the Republican National Committee is examining every detail of the 2012 elections, with the goal of rebuilding the party for the future — much as the Democratic Party did in the 1980s after suffering a series of stinging losses at all levels of government.

Now, as was the case back then, the stakes are enormous for the party that failed to win the White House and has lost the popular vote for several national elections in a row. They're perhaps even higher for Republicans grappling for ways to court a rapidly changing electorate whose voting groups don't naturally gravitate toward the GOP. The dangers of failing to act could be severe: permanent minority status.

So it's little surprise that, after the election, some Republicans were quick to sound stark warnings.

The scale of the losses largely shocked a party whose top-shelf operatives went into Election Day believing Republicans had at least a decent chance of capturing the White House and gaining ground in Congress, where Republicans controlled the House and had a sizable minority in the Senate.

Instead, Romney lost all but one of the nine contested states, North Carolina, to President Barack Obama and was trounced in the electoral vote. Republicans also lost ground to Democrats in both houses of Congress, though Republicans retained their House majority.

Pittsburgh PA
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TOPIC: GOP needs to get with the times (pt 1)