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TOPIC: Free Speech and Slander
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I'm starting this thread in politics because I'm pretty sure it will end up here anyway. More details below the line, but quickly, a woman is being sued for posting a negative review on Yelp and Angie's list, and at this point the plaintiff has won an injunction to force her to edit her reviews while the case proceeds.

In short, she not only claims he did shoddy work, but accuses him of vandalizing her home and stealing jewelry from it. A police investigation found no evidence of criminal action.

The defendant claims this is a free speech issue. The plaintiff claims this is a defamation and slander issue, which is not protected by freedom of speech insofar as she is accusing him of criminal action with which he has not been charged.

What say you? ----------------------- A judge in Virginia has ordered a woman to change her negative Yelp review about a building contractor after the business won a key legal battle.

Jane Perez was slapped with a $750,000 lawsuit by Dietz Development after she publicly logged complaints about construction work the company performed on her home.

In her write-ups on the popular business review sites Yelp and Angie's List, Perez accused the company of damaging her house, trespassing and stealing jewelry.

On Wednesday, Judge Thomas FortKort granted a temporary injunction in favor of Dietz Development and ordered Perez to change parts of her online review to remove the reference to the stolen jewelry.

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TOPIC: Free Speech and Slander